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Did you know that frozen fruit is often seen as the ugly sister of fresh fruit??

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

BUT, it actually can be the better choice, nutritionally speaking!

Fruit begins to lose nutrients from the moment it is picked. Frozen fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness ( thats when it has the most nutrients) and is flash frozen soon after being harvested.....basically locking in its nutrients!

It also means less spoilage!

When buying frozen fruit, look at the bag and contents. Frozen fruit should be solid and hard, not soft, mushy or wet, sweating or thawing. You should be able to feel individual frozen pieces of fruit, not a solid block, which indicates the contents thawed and were refrozen!

Store frozen fruits (and veggies) in the back of the freezer, so they don't get partially thawed when you do open the door! Save the front for the ice cubes!!

Unless you are buying from local farmer's markets, much of the "fresh" fruit available has been picked before it's ripe and transported long distances to reach grocery store shelves, ripening and losing nutrients along the way.

Eat well. Feel well. Be well.

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