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Upside Down

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

There is a downside to every upside. Although that sounds super negative,

I think it's good that we face the facts!

We need to be realistic about our expectations.

The simple fact is that no matter HOW much you love something, there ARE going to be aspects about it, that you don't like at all.

There are going to be sacrifices that you are going to make. There are going to be things you don't like that you are going to have to do. AND as harsh as this may sound......

You are never going to reach your goals if you aren't willing to do a few things that you don't like. Especially when you are starting out.

A "new" alone can be uncomfortable and challenging and even against what we instinctively want to do. BUT some of these changes can become natural simply through repetition. They can even become things we ENJOY if we allow ourselves to embrace them.

Initially, it DOES mean repeating them even when don't like them or not enjoying them. Actually, I think this concept applies to every aspect of our life. There are always going to be things in our life that are simply a means to an end. Part of a bigger picture. The "sacrifices" we have to make to achieve something MORE.

BUT they are so worth it to achieve what we ultimately want!

Remind yourself that creating something sustainable, that reaching your goals and dreams, doesn't mean that everything will be easy and fun all the time.

If there is a new habit you are trying to incorporate in your life RIGHT NOW, find a way to EMBRACE it. Give it a chance knowing it has a bigger purpose!

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