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Salt. We crave it. We love it.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Salt comes either from salt mines or or from the sea. Most of todays salt is mined and comes from large deposits left by dried salt lakes throughout the world.

Salt finds its way into most things we eat, and it's not surprising why! It makes food taste delicious! It also helps to keep food fresh and safe from spoilage.

There are many different salts out there, so let's look at the different types of SEASONING SALTS we can choose from!

Here's how to sort out your options.


The small compact crystals are made with anti caking additives (to keep it free flowing) and additives like iodine (to prevent thyroid disease) It contains approximately 2300 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon. Iodized salt is table salt with iodine added. Most recipes that call for salt are referring to table salt.


This salt is a coarse grained salt free of additives. Many people prefer cooking with this larger crystal. The larger crystal also delivers about 20% less sodium per teaspoon than the iodized table salt. I prefer this salt for cooking because it has a softer flavour than table salt.


Sea salt is made from evaporated water from the ocean or salt water lake. Because each body of water is different, so will the flavours, mineral content, color, size and sodium content. Sea salt doesn't always mean less sodium....sodium quantity depends on the crystal size. The larger the crystal = less sodium per teaspoon.


Finishing salts are designed to be used at the end of cooking. Some regard them as a gourmet salts.They are helpful for bringing out the naturally sweet flavour of vegetables! They are powerful little salts, so a little goes a long way! Black salt (strong sulphuric flavor) Himalayan pink salt, Sel gris ( gray salt from France), Maldon sea salt (British light delicate flavour), Rock salt (used to make ice cream) are just some, to name a few!


Is free of the additives that turn pickles dark and pickling liquid cloudy.


1/2 tsp rock salt = 3/4 tsp kosher salt = 1 tsp table salt

There are tons of salt recipes out there, so make your own seasoning or an amazing DIY intoxicating skin exfoliant!

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