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Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Along side a healthy diet, forming good lifestyle habits is key to reducing inflammation and help prevent chronic disease. Which lifestyle habits are the most important? Consider the "blue zones" across the world.

Blue zones are places that have high numbers of centenarians (people who live to 100 years old or older) that have remarkably low levels of inflammation related diseases, including obesity, cancer and heart disease. Some blue zones include Okinawa, Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, and Loma Linda in California. What lifestyle factors are keeping these people so healthy?

The shared commonalities are, natural movement throughout the day, having a purpose, human connection and a sense of belonging. Humans are creatures of habit and change is hard.

Begin with positive changes that make you feel good!

Seeking healthy habits that you find enriching and look forward too makes the process easier.

Do something that brings you joy!

My favourites? Laughter, regular exercise, being with friends, human touch (hugging, massage, holding hands) family, listening to uplifting music, learning something new and spending time in nature.

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