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Do it for yourself

"You have to be honest with yourself that in the end, no one really cares, you do it for yourself" Ueli Steck.

Ego, competition and pride. While these traits are not necessarily universally bad, left unchecked, you can waste a lot of time proving meaningless things in life or living up to fictitious standards and rules.

I like the quote. It is always a good reminder for me not to attach myself too much to external praise, motivation or critiques. It reminds me to go inside and do things because they are meaningful to me, light my soul or align with my values.

Remember to to choose objectives that capture YOUR interest. Who cares if it's "cool", "popular", "prestigious"....this is YOUR one crazy and precious life. Be YOU!

As meaningful as your first big hike, a new sport or a new recipe developed, YOU are the one it matters to the most. The majority of people really don't care. Harsh but true.

We all have our reasons we do what we do whether it's climbing

mountains, the perfect family, financial security or career goals. I am certainly no expert and overthink things a bit too much, but at the end of the dayI always check in with myself and how I spend my time.

If I were to die tomorrow, am I happy with the choices I am making?

If not, I adjust

Have a great day!

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